The amazing skincare benefits of 24k Gold

The amazing skincare benefits of 24k Gold

If you use social media or have perused the shelves of beauty and skincare stores recently, chances are you might have noticed that 24k Gold skincare is enjoying a wonderful resurgence on the beauty scene. However, this luxurious and beneficial super ingredient is no fad - in fact, many ancient ...
6 fragrant oils and how they can help your skin & wellbeing

6 essential oils to improve your skin

Struggle with premature aging and restoring your skin's elasticity? Susie Sierra's 24 Carat Gold Leaf serums promote healthy, glowing skin by repairing proteins in the skin's structure. They soften fine lines and restore strength and elasticity with their anti-aging properties. Not only are our f...
The benefits of investing in luxury beauty products

The benefits of investing in luxury beauty

Ever looked longingly at the beautiful packaging and mindful design of luxury beauty products while reluctantly telling yourself, “well, maybe next time”?  It can be easy to deprioritise our own well-being when we have the responsibilities of work and family each day. However, a little bit of lux...
Beauty Rituals

Beauty Rituals

When I was 14 my mother took me to the Estée Lauder counter in David Jones Department Store and bought me my first cleanser, toner & moisturiser. This was a ritual she had done with all my sisters before me. 

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