Sierra Gold Morning & Evening Face Oils are a combination of carefully selected plant and fragrant flower oils that rejuvenate and repair skin at different times of the day. They are also designed to deeply nourish the emotions through the power of fragrance.

Targeting our skin’s needs from morning through to evening, these luxurious gold-infused facial oils work together to provide 24 hour nourishment as they gently navigate the internal flow of beauty through the olfactory system.

Fluctuating moods throughout the day can be caused by many things, from stress and hormonal changes to chronic ill health. These changes can influence our emotional state and in turn, impact our largest organ, the skin. 

“Using specific fragrances to calm and support the emotions, our facial oils offer mental relief and clarity which can then transform into good skin health.

“Bringing mindfulness and intention into the beauty regime further enhances the positive effects of the fragrances and the potency of the ingredients.” says Susie Sierra who incorporates meditation as an important part of her daily beauty routine. 

A generous infusion of 24 carat gold in both face oils ensures a lustrous glow to the skin. The alchemy of gold contains rich antioxidants to stimulate blood flow, firming and improving elasticity. Gold carries within its DNA, the mysteries of the universe and is a symbol of our beauty, strength and resilience.

​Each of our botanical ingredients comes from only the highest quality producers around the world and is selected for its overall compatibility and integrity. 

Sierra Gold Light Morning Face Oil carries the scents of the Frangipani and Hyacinth flowers (both natural antidepressants) to evoke feelings of joy and lightheartedness. The light, daytime formula soothes and brightens skin, rejuvenating and protecting, leaving no oily residue.

Sierra Gold Deep Evening Face Oil carries the fragrance of the sacred Blue Lotus flower. Revered by Buddhist Monks for centuries for its transformative and regenerative properties, this exotic flower is categorised as an aphrodisiac in China. The deeply sensuous, multi-layered fragrance promotes restful sleep, making it the perfect nighttime formula.

Our face oils are formulated and produced in Sydney. They are vegan; free from parabens, artificial fragrance, and colour; suitable for all skin types.

Both Morning & Evening Face Oils are offered together as a complete set. They may also be purchased separately. 





Where are your products made?

Our face oils are formulated and produced in Sydney. Our facilities are cruelty-free and free from animal products and animal by-products. Our producer is an international, award-winning beauty formulator with over 25 years experience.

Are your ingredients vegan-friendly?

Our products are vegan and all future products will also be vegan. Our founder, Susie Sierra is also vegan.

Are your products sustainably sourced?

Our ingredients come from various countries and regions around the world, including Australia, California, the Mediterranean and India. We closely monitor and source from producers who manage crops in ways which sustain soil quality, minimise water usage, protect biodiversity and enhance farmers’ livelihoods.

How do your face oils effect oily skin?

The right combination of oils can help balance out oil production. If skin is deprived of natural oils, it will go into overproduction to make up for a lack of sebum. Marula oil, Red Raspberry seed oil, Meadowfoam seed oil and Camellia seed oil are all known to assist in the regulation of oil production. All these oils are included in our Sierra Gold Face Oils.

Why is gold include in your oils?


We include 24k gold leaf in our face oils. We do not use gold flakes. The softness of the gold leaf allows for easy dissolution onto the skin's surface. Tiny particles seep in to protect against fine lines and discolouration. In this way, pure gold stimulates blood flow to tissues and reinvigorates tired skin. Gold is also a powerful symbol of our beauty, strength and resilience.

What is the best way to use Sierra Gold Face Oils?

For both our Morning and Evening face oils we recommend applying after your day/night moisturiser. The fragrances of our products are designed to be experienced in their pure state. Breathe in the beautiful scents then mindfully smooth or press into the skin. Our face oils seal in the hydration received from your moisturiser for all day/night protection and nourishment.

Is your packaging sustainable?

Our boxes are made with authentic 300gsm French, watercolour paper. This paper has been produced in the same way since the 15th century and is made from 50% recycled, non-toxic cotton and paper. We also use non-toxic vegetable dyes for all our boxes.